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Abuse is not defined by gender. Men deserve the same support to heal.

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Men have been sexually abused or assaulted.

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Men have experienced Domestic Violence.

Many men experience domestic violence or sexual assault. Certain gender stereotypes and social factors can make it difficult for male victims of abuse to come forward. This stigma is a large contributing factor to the perceived weakness or lack of masculinity of any man who admits to falling victim to a woman. The result is that men may find it difficult to express the full spectrum of emotions (including fear, intimidation, or helplessness) or ask for help. This often acts as a barrier to male victims reporting abuse.

The popular image of domestic violence is based on the familiar gender stereotype of a male villain and a female victim. But that stereotype paints an incomplete picture, some research shows that men and women commit domestic violence against each other in equal numbers. Part of the reason for the disparity in reported victims might also be because men who call the police to report domestic violence against them fear that they will end up being the ones who get arrested. Male victims of domestic violence may be particularly reluctant to leave the relationship when children are involved. Leaving the children with the woman leaves the kids at risk for harm, but attempting to take the children out of the situation risks giving the impression that the man is abducting them. So long as the common misconception persists that men are always the abuser and women are always the victim, it’s unlikely that male victims will feel comfortable reporting their abuse.

While it sounds simpler than it may be, male victims of domestic violence need to tell someone about the abuse and get out of the unsafe situation. If you are a male victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse, you should know that you are not alone. It is okay to ask for help. No one should have to be afraid or feel unsafe. Engaging with peers is proven to help with the healing process for men at every stage of their journey.

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