Safe Housing



Safe Housing

On your journey, you will find home again.

It’s important to provide survivors with options as everyone’s path is different. With the support of Live Violence Free housing advocates, survivors access the housing program right for them with supportive services such as counseling, advocacy, and connections to community resources including rental agencies and property managers for prospective housing.

Confidential Shelter

Our 12 bed, fully furnished shelter offers an alternative — a safe place where individuals and families can escape crisis and plan for a future free from violence. The initial point of contact between Live Violence Free and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault is through the crisis line. Once we get to know the survivor and their situation, we can start to discuss options like shelter.

Live Violence Free’s shelter is located in a residential area of South Lake Tahoe. The shelter’s address is kept confidential to maintain the anonymity and safety of participants. Our shelter is an ordinary house with a total of four bedrooms, two kitchens, two bathrooms, two living/dining rooms, and a play area outdoors for kids. The home is fully furnished and stocked with food. The shelter has a fenced yard and access to bicycles for seasonal use. This safe space is a great introduction to a life free from violence for individuals or families in crisis or transition.

Housing First

Our Housing First program allows survivors of domestic violence to regain independence and make a safe home for themselves and their families. We provide contacts and advocacy to local rental agencies, property managers, and income based housing options. Our housing program provides safe housing and takes care of the survivor’s expenses allowing the housing advocates and survivor to focus on learning new skills and building long-term stability. Our housing advocates work to teach life skills like budgeting, reducing bills, finding job opportunities, grocery shopping/meal prep, and creating cleaning schedules. We are able to cover a wide variety of costs to help victims in need whether it is a single bill or multiple months of living expenses with the goal of helping the survivor to get on their feet and thrive in the future.


Although the definition of domestic violence can sometimes include domestic relationships (including elder abuse and roommate conflicts), our program focuses on intimate partner violence or sexual assault. This means we offer safe housing to those who have experienced violence from an intimate partner (i.e., boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, domestic partner) or are a survivor of sexual assault.
Unfortunately we only provide emergency shelter and housing assistance for those who are experiencing intimate partner violence or sexual assault. However, please contact the Coalition for the Homeless for more information and resources.
We understand each family has different needs and goals. Our shelter program is available up to 90 days for families to find their new home and reestablish a violence-free life.
Again, we understand the needs of our community are unique so we are able to approach each family with their needs in mind. Some survivors only need one time assistance where others need assistance over the course of a year or two. We work with clients to encourage long- term change and look at underlying issues preventing them from reaching financial stability to ensure graduation from the program in a timely manner.

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