On Friday, June 24, Live Violence Free staff and volunteers came together to rejuvenate and renovate our yard and transform it into a memorial zen garden in honor of the late and beloved advocate, Jennifer Kline. Kline passed away in March 2016 unexpectedly and our staff and the entire community was deeply impacted. Kline served faithfully and passionately as our Alpine Coordinator; acting as an advocate, crisis responder, community outreach extraordinaire, and committed to bringing peace and safety to Alpine County.

To pay our respects and remember the treasured Jennifer, we created the Zen Garden with the intention to bring beauty and tranquility to our clients and the community at-large. We were very lucky to have an amazing group of volunteers, spanning from our teen high school youth leaders to out-of-towners who came to help with their family. These 18 volunteers gathered, worked together, and established a colorful landscape. We are so appreciative to the wonderful volunteers who dug in the earth and nurtured the space. This beautification project was much more than a renovation to spruce up our property; this was a statement of celebrating life and those who saved many over the years.

Kassy Sweet, a Live Violence Free staff member and talented artist, is in the process of painting a sign, featuring Lake Tahoe, symbolism of peace, light, and vibrance to commemorate Mrs. Kline. Jennifer Kline is survived by her family and all of us here at Live Violence.

In addition to the Zen Garden, Live Violence Free is also renovating our children’s play area, seeding it with new grass, adding new equipment, (ADD: Building a new Fence), creating more space for safe play for children. The Playground was designed by a Junior Design Team. This space is intended to provide a convenient and fun space for survivors of violence who need to seek services. We are excited to improve our agency to better serve our clients. Please stop by to view the Zen Garden. Our hope is that the entire community finds peace and joy in the work.